Zeldaminishcapcover 020710

Toon Link with the Minish Cap

Tloz tp logo

First Game with Link's Spirit Animal - The Wolf

Zelda phantom hourglass

Sequel to The Wind Waker

Legend zelda spirit logo

100 years after Phantom Hourglass!

Windwaker cover

Say hello to.... Toon Link!


2 Games in 1 Picture!


Sequel to Ocarina of Time


Yay! I own the first 3-D Legend of Zelda Game!


A Link (Ha-Ha) to the Past!


Check out the Master Sword for the First Time!


First Game Ever!!!

If you've come to this page, I bet you want me to introduce ....(drumroll)..... The Legend of Zelda! Below are three main characters that appear in every game.

  1. Link - Our main character, Link is the player you control in all games, the hero of time, the holder of the Master Sword! He always wears a green tunic (unless you obtain a red, blue or purple one), a green, weird cap that looks like it might be worn by an elf, and shorts that look like a skirt. He is fiercer than he looks. He holds the Triforce of Courage
  2. Zelda - The Princess of Hyrule, Holder of the Triforce of Wisdom. Zelda is the princess that Link is trying to save from the evil clutches of our next character.
  3. Ganondorf/Ganon - The Terror of Hyrule, Holder of the Triforce of Power which he stole from Zelda's father, who he killed. Beware of the King of Evil! Ganondorf's true form is human, but if you disturb him, he will transform into .... GANON! THE WIERD GIANT PIG-WARTHOG CREATURE THING!!!!!!

There are our three main characters. To the right you will find the logos of all games created by The Legend of Zelda (Including the next game...)

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